Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on SanTan Solar Panels

SanTan Solar is famous for having unbelievably cheap but very high quality solar panels, perfect for a DIYer or someone looking to do some off grid exploring.

When do SanTan Solar’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales start?

SanTan has had 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the past, both started either Thanksgiving day or Black Friday itself and run until midnight on Cyber Monday. 

This year I expect there will be a third Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend sale that will start Thanksgiving day (November 25th) and run until Monday evening (November 29th).

Products to keep an eye on:

SanTan always has good deals and good prices, but for this Black Friday here are a few panels I recommend watching and if it matches your budget, you should jump!

SanTan Solar T Series 

Starts at $35

SanTan has a few versions of these panels that are available at different times, right now it looks like the panels they have in stock are the 230W Poly solar panels, which start as low as $38. 

Some of their panels are cracked vinyl, snail trails or just generally used, but take it from someone who’s tested all those variations, they all work great despite some cosmetic issues. 

Occasionally a panel will need a cable or connector replaced, but SanTan always does a great job making it work for you.

Click here to see the specs of the panel to see if it works with your system.

See the deal

Canadian Solar 255W 

Starts at $55

The Canadian Solar panels are always a strong bet. 

60 cell polycrystalline, weather resistant and really a well rounded, high performance solar panel. 

Pretty good deal on sale right now for $55, these panels brand new go for around $245. 

Check out th specs

See the deal

JA Solar 530W 

Starts at $265

This JA solar panel is a steal. 

This panel typically retails for $360, and that’s if you can find it in stock!

This model is a monocrystalline cell (typically mono panels are more performant than poly panels) and is called a half cell, meaning it performs even better!

This panel brags high power outputs, greater temperature-dependent performances, reduced shading effect, and enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading, making this panel not only incredibly performant but a great deal. 

BYD 340W 

Starts at $145

The BYD polycrystalline solar panel is more a middle of the road panel, typically retailing at closer to $160, making this deal at SanTan good but not great. 

SanTan highlights that this panel is up to 19% efficient and works well for on and off grid systems.

SunPower P17 

On sale now for $110, typically retails for $125 (or more).

These are the old school classic tried and true solar panels. 

You really can’t go wrong installing and using these, in fact, these are the panels that my father in law has installed on his roof right now, per my recommendation! 

These panels are polycrystalline, brand new, never installed, which is a steal! 

Much has been written about these but at the end of the day these are solid and high performing, and getting these brand new is uncommon at best! 

SunPower E20

Starts at $110

These are my personal preference as far as solar panels go, I prefer mono panels for the obvious high performance.

These panels aren’t new, but still an incredible deal! Most panels are built to last 20-25 years. 

I see SunPower panels as something like the Apple of the solar panel world. 

Personally I prefer to go high quality, even if it's a little more expensive. 

My grandpa loved to play guitars and when I was looking to buy one he (correctly) recommended that I buy quality, knowing that it would last the test of time. 

I think it's better to buy quality even at a higher price rather than buy cheap over and over again. 


It’s hard to go wrong with a lot of these solar panels for a DIY project or even a self install on or off grid. 

Keep in mind some of these panels are best for off grid application due to their white label or used status, sometimes electrical inspectors and installers don’t like used/white label panels. 

The new, brand name panels are great for on grid application, but always consult an electrician or professional installer and get their recommendation. 

Always do your due diligence before putting a device that collects sunlight and can (hopefully not) catch fire on your home. 

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!